Oh hello!

Welcome to my little blog- Happy Go Lucky; with a side of Stress! Here’s a little bit about myself; it may help understand some of the blog posts.

First things first, my name is Kelli. Yes with an I, thanks mom. I am 24 years young, almost 25 actually. I am originally from the lovely, blistering cold city of Buffalo, New York. I lived there for 22 lovely years and currently reside in Phoenix, Arizona. Bit of a change eh? I absolutely love the desert and don’t exactly know if I will head back to the cold again. I am an avid fitness enthusiast, that I will most definitely be posting about; so I will save that for later.

I won’t get into too much detail about myself, as it will come up in my blogs. But why read my blogs? Like who is this girl? Why should I read anything you have to say? Well, you’ll find out I am a bit all over the place. I have pretty much dabbled around in every different avenue in my short 24 years and would like to share my thoughts and insight.

I want to try to be more positive in the situations that are presented in my life. It is so easy to be negative. I am trying to learn how see the good in these times. So follow along for the ride. I am sure I will provide you a laugh or two, a few good workout tips, a yummy recipe and even one of my terrible dating experiences!

Be happy, be well, be you!