Don’t be too nice they say

No one wants to be a spineless jellyfish. Apparently that’s what you are if you’re too nice. What the heck is wrong with being too nice?

I’ve always struggled with that. I’ve struggled to understand why being too nice is a problem and also why others cannot accept it. Do people think it’s fake? Do people think it’s for my own benefit? I am not exactly sure. But what I am sure of is that I will never change or stop being “too nice.”

I was very fortunate growing up with two parents who strongly valued manners and politeness. Both my parents are “too nice.” So I know where I get it from. My mother would cook dinner basically every night for us. And every night, no matter if it was a homemade mac and cheese or a frozen pizza, my Father, my Sister, and I would all say “thanks Mom for making dinner.” Is that so hard? Five little words that meant the world to my mother.

Working in restaurants for over six years you also find out that you’re “too nice.” I was raised to say “Can I PLEASE have,” or “May I have..” Today people just jump right to it! “I want this,” “Give me that..” Once again how hard is to say please? Where the heck did all the manners go?

Besides manners there are other small gestures that I guess I do that are just too nice that would cause someone to take advantage or walk all over me. Has it happened? Of course. Am I going to let it stop me? Nope. Especially with my less than sub-par dating life. Yup, I’m that girl that wants to make sure you’re happy. A simple “have a good day” is apparently the wrong thing to do. Wait what? Oh yes, showing someone you care is what you’re NOT supposed to do. Well this girl will never be that like. I say, one day I will meet someone who loves how nice I am. Who appreciates the simple gestures like reaching for the check every time, a simple good morning text, and bringing over your favorite coffee.

There is no such thing as being too nice. Everyone else is just not nice enough. I understand there is a level of standing up for yourself. And that is when you walk away from something/someone toxic. But you do not need to be rude or mean about it. You actually can kill em with kidness!

So I hope you take away that being too nice is a good thing. And maybe if we all were a little bit nicer, the world would be better place. Cliché, I know. But hey a girl can dream. Be nice, be polite, and say please and thank you. It’s the magic words.

Be happy, be well, be you!


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