Looks like I’m staying state side!

14292454_10154489943834166_293891576477544572_nWell, looks like this girl is not going to be deploying. But hey, maybe it’s a blessing in disguise?

Last week I wrote about this amazing opportunity the Army had released to females for a CST position. I applied and well, I did not get selected. There were roughly 70+ females that applied and only 10-12 get selected for phase one. So it was pretty competitive. They look at a number of things and qualifications.

I’ll admit I am a bit sad. But that’s okay. Its momentum. I hit an obstacle every step of the way for this application process. I turned my application in on the very last day due to these obstacles. But I still did it. I learned to push past the frustration. To let go of what I could not control and do whatever I could that was in my control. Things happen for a reason. I did not get selected and it wasn’t mean to be. I’m okay with that. Because I tried.

If I would have never turned in an application I would have never known if I could have been selected. And no one wants to live a life of what if’s. So I am proud. I am very proud I applied. I am proud I did not give up even when the odds were against me.

So go out there! Because you will never know until you try. And the answer you didn’t exactly want to hear is much better then never knowing and wondering. I’m convinced each of us have a plan. And this was not in the stars for me, but now I know.

Now I will take on my next project. What should it be? Professional donut eater? World class baker? Powerlifter? Triathlon? The ideas are endless. The opportunities are there. Ill keep ya updated on what I decide!

Happy Friyay! Be happy, be well, be you!


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