Being apart of something greater than yourself


Have you ever been out for a run or a walk and noticed everyone else outside too and think, “wow this is pretty awesome. Seeing all these people outside enjoying the weather and being active.” It’s that nice since of community. But I feel like we don’t partake in community events as much as we should. Why is that?

This past weekend my unit participated in the Pat Tillman Run in Phoenix, AZ. The run is 4.2 miles since Pat Tillman’s number was 42. We each put 42 pounds in our rucks and completed the run. It was an amazing experience. The event was sold out. The ASU stadium was filled with all different people. Younger, older, families, teams, groups.

As we rucked together as a unit so many people passed by thanking us for our service. But it was even better to say thank you for your support. So many people saw us carrying our packs and said “you inspire me to finish this race.” Little did they know, they were inspiring us to finish this race.

In community events there is such a positive vibe that comes out. Everyone pushes themselves a little harder. Everyone connects a little more. After the run was done, everyone was inside the ASU stadium on the field. Complete strangers coming up and taking pictures. Meeting random people and having conversations. It was an amazing experience to just talk to so many people and connect. All because of this run.

I encourage you to find a community event. For a cause you feel strongly about and grab a friend and sign up. There are so many different 5ks or walks out there that help not only raise awareness but bring a community together.

We all know it seems everyone is only out for themselves. The sense of community has been lost. But these events tie us all back in. It motivates us. It creates happiness. No matter your skill level, you are inspiring everyone else because you are out there.

I plan to continue doing these walks/runs even if its by myself. It is a great way to start my Saturday mornings and help a good cause. I will post about ones I sign up for and maybe I can start getting a small group to come with me!

I challenge you all to go out and be apart of your community. Help others make it a better place. Because at the end of the day, it is YOUR community. YOU CAN make a difference.

Be happy, be well, be you!

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