Curveballs have always been my favorite pitch


Life has a funny way of always throwing curveballs doesn’t it? It seems that when we truly want something, it is never easy. Typical cliché saying “nothing worth having comes easy.” Well this is very very true.

After a long month and a half process, I finally have my application complete, on the day it is due! Talk about a nail biter!

What is this application I speak of? What am I applying for? Well I can’t say too much and my answer will be to “Google it.” But I am applying for an amazing opportunity the Army has offered to females. I am applying for a Cultural Support Specialist. That is really all I know and all I can say. There are a few articles online if you are intrigued by the job title.

So why am I telling you about this? What’s the story here? Well first of all 80+ females are applying. Only 10-12 get selected to the first phase. Then only 4 get selected for the job. The application process is extensive and took a lot of time to complete. I hit a road bump literally in every section. And there were multiple times that I wanted to give up. There was multiple times I thought “this isn’t even worth it, I’m not going to even get selected, why bother.”

It wasn’t until the decision was completely out of my control when it hit me emotionally how badly I really did want this. I had my final doctors appointment scheduled for Tuesday. And the doctor canceled, 15 minutes before my appointment. I thought well, that’s it. I don’t even get a chance to apply to see if I would get selected. And yes, I started to cry. I was so upset that I was doing everything in my power to complete this packet on time. Going to every appointment when it was first available. And to be thrown this curveball. The doctors office called me on Wednesday and the only appointment available was today at 7:15am. The day the packet is due.

I made sure yesterday to have everything ready to go. Every document is labeled, every signature is filled out and my appointment went great! Now all I have to do is submit. No turning back now.

Through this process I relearned a few lessons. If you want it bad enough, it will never come easy. Overcoming obstacles make the finish line that much better. And never doubt yourself and your abilities. Do your best and what’s meant to be will be.

I want this position. I want this experience. So badly. I will find out next Friday if I get selected for phase one. I will keep you updated! Because this would be an amazing journey and one I would love to share!

Happy Friyay!

Be happy, be well, be you!


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