Is the grass truly greener?



We all have heard the common phrase- “The grass is always greener on the other side.” But is it really?

I seem to have a lot of discussion about my terrible love life with my best friends; which all of them are in serious committed relationships. A few times each have said “I envy that you’re dating, sometimes I wish I had that.” And I respond with “No, no you don’t. Dating is down right awful!” …Which for all my single ladies and even gentlemen…it is.

I tell them you are so lucky to not have to worry about the pointless conversations about where you grew up, what you studied in college and what you do for fun. They respond with I get to experience new people and have those new conversations. So it got me thinking. Is my grass really greener? Is your grass greener?

I want to start thinking that yes, my grass is pretty dang green! And you want to know why? Because every decision I have made has got me in this situation today. Every decision you have made is because you wanted to make it at that time. So for my committed relationship friends, even if you think dating might be fun, you made the decision to love your partner and build an amazing relationship! So your grass is very green! Be happy for what you have because you achieved what is you wanted when you first decided to get off the market!

As for myself, I also chose to be here. I chose to live in Arizona, I chose the friends I have, and I chose my career. I made all these choices. So lets all start watering our grass!

Whether it be you made the choice to switch career paths, move to a new state, start a new project, or take on a relationship, make it as great as you can! Be the gardener in the your life and turn that dang sprinkler on! Okay that was super cheesy…but hey made ya laugh!

So for todays thoughts, be happy in the moment, be happy with the choices you made because they have gotten you to this very day!

Be happy, be well, be you!


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