Dress shopping and…Beer!

todayHappy Hump Day! I hope you’re enjoy your day! So what is on my mind today? The other day I had a friend tell me they tried doing one thing that scared them everyday. I thought I would give it a shot.

I went shopping and I bought a flower patterned dress, with a significant V cut in the front. It is rather beautiful if I do say so myself! Why would buying a dress scare me? Well I always thought “you do not have the legs or the skin tone to wear a dress. You also cannot wear a low cut shirt, that is not classy at all.” I have had all these negative thoughts for so long about my body. Its time for a change. So I went the dress section at the amazing TJ Maxx and picked myself out a few to try. And finally, the navy blue flower dress was a winner!

With having a different mind set going in shopping, I actually enjoyed the way the dress looked on me. I didn’t care how pale my legs were or how low cut the front was. It fit my shape very nicely and for the first time in a very long time I felt confident- IN A DRESS! Mission accomplished.

So how does my dress shopping experience relate to beer? Well I had another conversation with a different friend yesterday and it went a little like this.. (Changing the name)

Johnny : We have a problem

Me: What’s that?

Johnny: I like beer.

Me: Well beer is a good thing to like.

Johnny: But you don’t like to drink.

Me: Ah! I do like beer, I like beer a lot. I just never drink it because I’m afraid it will make me fat.

Hold the phone. I refused to enjoy a beer, even though I like them, because I was afraid, once again, that it would make me fat. Why is everything I do revolve around my body? Or my size? Does drinking beer taste good? Yup! Does it make me happy? Of course. SO WHY AM I NOT ALLOWING MYSELF THE CASUAL BEER?! I am not saying go slam a 6 pack every night. But for hecks sake woman, enjoy a beer with dinner if you want! So I did just that. I enjoyed a nice cold Summer Shandy!

Moral of todays story- squish those fears from the past. Mine are mostly body related. So day by day, I am trying new things to make myself happy. Flower dresses and beer seem to do just the trick!

Be happy, be well, be you!


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