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Peace out Gym!

Day one


Wait wait wait, what? Yup! That is right! Starting today- 4/18/2017 until 5/18/2017 I, Kelli, am not stepping foot into the gym.

Why? How is that healthy? How is that making you fit? How is that making you happy?

Well let me rewind. Fitness, working out, exerting energy is what makes me so happy. I absolutely love working out; I always have. I was a typical three sport athlete in high school and played Division One softball in college. So why am I ditching the gym?

Last year, I competed in my first and last NPC Body Building show. It was somewhat fun and I got a lot of really cool pictures! Yup, that is literally how I’ll explain my 16 weeks of not eating tasteful food, hours of cardio, and turning down wine nights.

Now I give so much credit to competitors. The mental game behind it is too much, and that is why I decided it is not for me. Call me mentally weak or whatever. That’s cool. But I just wasn’t happy. And the gym now is not making me happy. I have gained all my weight back and some. I look normal. I don’t have all these veins or abs. I look like a normal 25 year old girl that lifts weights. And yet I walk into the gym and cannot wait to leave because I dread being there.

I worry about if my outfit is “cute.” I worry if my hair looks “cute”. I worry if my makeup will sweat off. I worry if my lovely fake tan lotion will sweat off. Yup, the once voted most athletic girl really cares about all this. Shouldn’t I be caring about how my body feels? Or if my heart and lungs are getting a good workout? Shouldn’t I be worrying about leaving with a smile and a since of accomplishment for crushing my workout?!

Well I wasn’t. So why continue to go back to something that doesn’t make you happy? So that is why I am breaking up with the gym for a month; at least. Well now what? How does this solve the issue?

GET OUTSIDE! BOOM! And that my friends is the joy of living in the desert. Mountains everywhere! I am going back to the basics that made me a college athlete. Body weight. Cardio. Using mother nature for exercise. Instead of the gym, I am going to hike, run, climb, jump. I am going to use my outdoor resources to finally make my lungs and heart stronger.

And the best part, I do not care what the heck I look like!!! Sure there are a few people on the trails, but its a quick passing. I do not have to worry about any of the nonsense I once was. I can truly just push my body and let my mind escape.

Today is day one. I will be hitting up my favorite trail at South Mountain in Phoenix AZ where I take the ridgeline for a few miles and just enjoy the sunset. I am beyond excited and cannot wait to let go of this terrible insecurity that has been holding me back.

If you have the same gym struggles or fears as me; you’re not alone. Shoot me message and come hiking with me! Happy Taco Tuesday everyone!

Be happy, be well, be you!


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