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Easter and Chinese food

Happy Monday! I thought I would start the week off with starting a blog. What a way to feel accomplished right? Just sit at work, not working, typing away about all the thoughts in my head. Like how extremely cold my office is, while it is 90 degrees outside…


So this blog. Why? Well, why not! Cliché answer but totally true. Yesterday was 4/16/2017, Easter Sunday. And you know what I was doing? Eating Chinese food, at my kitchen table, alone, with a cat to my left (on the table might I add) and a dog to my right begging for some rice. Yup, this is what my life has come to on a weekend, a Holiday weekend.

It got me thinking- how the heck did I get here? I may seem like I have it all together, and well, I do- for the most part. But I mean who is alone on Easter, or any holiday? Especially a bubbly, friendly gal like myself?

Well this is where I being my journey with you. How someone so happy go lucky, can have a tad bit of stress from worrying about everything and anything under the sun. Relate much? Good! Well, not good, but I am glad to be expressing myself so others can relate.

Sit back, sip that delicious coffee (or wine, hey its 5 o’clock somewhere!) and let me give you a good laugh!

Be happy, be well, be you!


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